Swings, Balloons, and Music

After the past few weeks and looking ahead to the next two weeks, I’ve been in dire needs of some cheering- up. I finally succumbed to the acute bronchitis bug that has been affecting Amman and spent the past two weeks coughing and trying to recover. All while pitching in front of numerous investors, tweaking stacks of decks and excel sheets, and doing media interviews in order to close our round next month. The stress definitely hasn’t do wonders for my health or mood.

So yesterday, when my friend posted this picture she had taken earlier in the day in India, I smiled. Because how can anyone not?

Balloon Man- India

I stared at this picture. I had forgotten how the simple things make me so happy.

1. Swings: As childish as it sounds, I love the liberating feel of being able to fly. Swings do that. The best date I’ve been on was to the only swing one can find in Nairobi, Purdy Arms Restaurant in Karen (see below). When I’m swinging, I feel like I’m on top of the world and that I can do anything, My swing is your superman cape.

2. Balloons: They are happy. Colorful. And can fly to the sky. What’s not to love about it? If you are angry, they pop like packing peanuts. And they are versatile. My good friend’s friend is an artist and used 10,000 balloons in Kabul, Afghanistan to spread the message of peace:

You can wear them too. This is designed by my friend’s brother, who is a professional balloon artist.

3. Good music: My good friend sent me this song a few days ago and I’ve played, no joke, 69 times, already. It’s great excel-working music as well.

As weird as it sounds, these three will become my small rewards as I crank out work and calls in the next couple of weeks. They are the milestones for every piecemeal task I need to do. Call me lame and childish, but there’s something pure in these three that make me just so grateful and appreciative.


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