Energy and Momentum

Be more energetic and carry on the momentum! Be aggressive with work and stop giving myself mental blocks!

I’m shouting these goals for this year to the world because I want people to hold me to them. I want my friends and colleagues to constantly repeat the slogan of “Energy. Momentum” to me through the good and especially through the bad. Doing a startup is hard, but doing it in a completely foreign developing country is even harder. Being in Kenya has made me mature and grow but at the same time, it showed me how far one can really fall when they fail. And I became blinded by the stark reality. I became scared. I became weary.

It’s hard not to be weary. Walking to a meeting in Kenya takes thrice the amount of effort it does in the US; traffic, harassment, stares, and inconvenient roads (aka roads that change by the day) are all obstacles. By the time one makes it back home, one is exhausted. Then times that by a couple more times in one day. It is sheer will power to remain focused on the startup and goals.

No more.

I’ve found a way to combat my weariness. Having a car helps. Strategic energy distribution is the key to staying optimistic and to focus on what is important. Being more aggressive in my tactics and meeting key people will increase the pace of progress. While I can’t do much to increase the pace of programming/coding for the product, I can be bolder in other aspects of the startup: marketing, sales, etc. I’m not fragile so I can take the no’s that will inevitably come my way, but I won’t know if I don’t try. I’m going to brush my ego aside. No’s will happen, but more yes’es will also happen.

Thus I am declaring to the world: watch out. Evanna is reborn, and she’s ready to make some splash with g.Maarifa.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Be happy.


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