The Real Reality

What is reality? Why do we need to live in reality? And who dictates what reality is?

Many people go abroad to escape and to find themselves. They are escaping from their issues and people back at home. One can argue that by escaping to a totally different culture and somewhere halfway across the world, they are evading reality. Their loved ones back at home are moving on with their personal lives.  Yet for the year that these escapists make new friends, adjust to a new job, and soak in the local culture, they are living in the reality. In the sudden realization that they are away from their support networks and have to build new ones. Is their new life just an escapist illusion or is it the reality? Or are we allowed to have two concurrent realities between which we can fleet back and forth?

What about the perspectives of realities? Is it possible for one situation to be an illusion for one person but reality for the person more intimidate with it? If it is, which I think is, does it matter what others think if the life we are living is considered the reality? As long as we are not hurting others (the harm principle), can someone dictate what the reality is for another person?


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