Fast and Furious

Almost two weeks in Nairobi. Time, for the first time since I have been in Africa,  has gone by so fast. With 16-hour work days (and this number is only going to increase as we approach June), working out, and small evening social events, I go to bed exhausted every day. This is good. This prevents me from over analyzing my emotions and from feeling the guilt that I should be in the States taking care of some personal/family issues that have risen in the past few days.

g.Maarifa is doing exceptionally well. We have gathered a lot of steam, and the credibility I started building on my three-week trip back to the U.S. last month is definitely helping us gain traction, media, and investors’ interests. We are officially done with focus groups on the MVP and are in the progress of building the first prototype. At the same time, I am doing master planning of how to best use my time in Nairobi in order to grow all facets of the startup as much as possible before September. The tech, the marketing, the networking, the legal affairs, the investment prep, the hiring, the partnerships that need to be built, etc all need to do done simultaneously. This summer (or rather winter in Kenyan weather) will be fast and furious as we aim to hit our (somewhat lofty) goals. Just how I like it.

Despite the fact that I am liking Nairobi more and have carved a niche for myself here, I still can’t wait to go back to Chicago in late September. My flight is on September 21st. I get there on the 22nd. The Chicago launch of g.Maarifa is on the 25th in the J.P. Morgan Building. We will also be launching in Nairobi before we head to Chicago. The launch will be the best birthday present I could ask for. And the one week of blissful break after the launch and before I go back to work will make all the hustling right now worth it.


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