Nairobi in two hours

I’m going to the airport in two hours to go to Nairobi.

My apartment is still in a mess- still four bags of trash away from being ready to be vacated. Yet I sit on my carpet floor (no more chairs) writing this blog post.

I talked to my boyfriend- the one from this post– this morning. We went  for a walk.  We resolved a lot of tension, and I am happy that we are leaving on friendly terms.  Huge relief.

He asked me if I am ready for Nairobi. No I am not. I thought I was- I have been preparing for this trip since November. Yet the closer it gets to leaving time, the more uncertain I become and the more attached I am to my friends and Chicago.  I never imagined that I would have this problem of leaving. After all, after moving around 20-some times in my life, I am numb to moving and goodbyes become a lot easier. But this time, it is different. I am heading to a foreign city whose name my mom cannot even spell or pronounce. I have never met any of the dozen of people I know in Nairobi- only through Skype and gchat. The market condition is also foreign to me. As much as I can research that online, the reality of the market will still hit me.

I still need to finish packing. I am getting anxious and excited by the minute.


One thought on “Nairobi in two hours

  1. i’ve been there! enjoy your travel, keep an eye out for the giraffes on your drive from the airport, and happy meeting your like-minded colleagues. looking forward to hearing updates.

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