The Un-Sorry Side of Things

I am sorry my vagina is so sensitive

My friend showed me this blog post (a must-read) when she told me to stop saying”I’m sorry” for things I should not apologize for. Though I have not reached the rock bottom as described in the post, I almost did apologize for my existence. “I’m sorry” has become so ingrained in me that whenever I even think that my action has the potential of bringing inconvenience to someone else, even if I had the right to do so, I would apologize. “I’m sorry” has become a part of my everyday vocabulary.

And I am not alone. As pointed out by the blog, women tend to be more apologetic than men even when it comes to things out of their control. The gender imbalance in the “I’m sorry” epidemic has far dire consequences. It leads to lower self-confidence since the more unnecessary apologies we make, the more we unwittingly convince ourselves that we are at fault for everything. It is women’s lower self-confidence level, according to the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg her TED talk (also a must-watch), that leads to the facts that only 13% of the world’s parliament seats are filled by women, that 15% of top corporate executives are females, and that 20% of non-profit managers are women. The key reason behind this inequality is that while most men attribute their successes to themselves- “because I’m awesome”, women tend to attribute them to their support groups and luck. They attribute them to anything but their abilities because they lack the self-confidence.

If we, as women, want a fair share of representation at the highest level of any industry, It is time that we start acknowledging our skills and be more self-confident. We can start by stop apologizing for things for which we should not apologize.



Why we have so few women leaders by Sheryl Sandberg


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