A Revival

It’s not New Year’s yet, but this is a new beginning for me and this blog. For me, it is about personal growth. For this blog, it’s a wake-up call from a 1.5-year respite.

I started this blog summer of 2010, thinking of it as a platform where I could express my opinions and use writing to sort out dilemmas and internal conflicts. The blog was meant for my friends and family, but it got wider audience than intended. To one of my blog entries about xenophobia in Europe (where I had spent my summer), I got a couple of death threats. I was not really deterred to stop blogging, but I acquiesced out of concern for my family, as some weird and sketchy things were happening.

1.5 years after the death threats, I decided to go back to this blog. I missed writing. And now that I know that I have a broader reach, the content will be more targeted towards the general audience. Moreover, I think there has never been a better time for me to document my thoughts than the transition from college to work life.

So here is a toast to the revival to this blog: I will be smarter with what I put on-line but what I do write on here is the dead honest truth. There will be no sugar-coating.

Take it as you will. Cheers.


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