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Evanna Hu

Mission: increase access to information so that individuals can make the most informed decisions and bridge the gap between public and private sectors. Technology does not change intent; it merely catalyzes it.

Evanna Hu is the CEO and Partner of Omelas, a cutting edge technology company that provides the real-time, online information environment pertaining to security and influence threats. By utilizing machine learning/ artificial intelligence and data analytics, it is also one of the first to offer an organic monitoring and evaluating tool to measure the effectiveness of non-lethal warfare, including countermessaging campaigns and information operations. With offices in Washington, DC, Amman, and Chicago, Omelas is operational in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Evanna is also a subject matter expert in CVE in both Salafi-jihadism and neo-Nazism and has worked at the intersection of governance, security, and technology in 25+ countries in Africa and the Middle East, including Kenya, Iraq, Gaza Strip, Syria, Tunisia, and Afghanistan. Prior to Omelas, she successfully founded two technology ventures, one based in Nairobi, Kenya and another in Amman, Jordan.

To date, she has briefed 4 national heads of intelligence and has advised 11 Cabinet/Ministerial members on tech and security. Her articles have been published in Lawfare, the Daily Beast, NATO publications, Pacific Standard, among others. She is also an International Security Fellow at New America, a think tank in the US, a Lecturer at NATO, and was the 2017-2018 Tech Fellow at Quilliam, the world’s oldest countering violent extremism nonprofit founded by formers.

A graduate of the University of Chicago, Evanna sits on the following Boards of nonprofits: Re:Coded, an Erbil-based nonprofit that gives livelihoods to refugees by teaching them how to code through a comprehensive training program in Iraq, Yemen, and Turkey; Promote Leadership, which is founded by active officers and veterans to foster inclusive leadership within the U.S. Special Operations Forces community; and Project Ninevah Plains, which does reconstruction work in post-IS environments in the Ninevah Plains, Iraq. She has won numerous high-level accolades and recognition for her work and is a highly-sought after public speaker.


Personal: In another life, was an award-winning classically trained concert pianist, having studied under Nina Polonsky, the late George Haddad, and the late Sylvia Zaremba. A fitness fanatic- boxer and runner. Marathon PR: 3 hours 26 minutes; 3rd in age group at Beirut Marathon; 1st in Wadi Rum Mixed Relays. Also a huge music nerd, mostly indie, classical, bluegrass, and jazz.

A graduate of the University of Chicago, I am a proud American raised in the US, Italy, and China; refined in France; retooled in Kenya; polished in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Germany. Based in Washington, DC but basically live on planes and at airports.