Technologist | Policy | Implementer


Evanna Hu

Mission: increase access to information so that individuals can make the most informed decisions and bridge the gap between public and private sectors. I believe that technology drives innovations which increases the efficiency and efficacy of processes and bureaucracies. I also believe that technology is not a panacea to societal problems; it is just a tool.

I’m a technologist,  having designed, implemented, and/or managed projects in 20+ countries across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. They are widely ranged, from a SMS/IVR campaign for citizen journalism in Kandahar, Afghanistan ( to data collection and analysis of publicly available online information for countering violent extremism in Europe. I successfully co-founded and managed multiple companies (see projects section) and also consult for various private sector companies, NGOs, and government agencies.

Trained in human-center design and ethnography, I am also a facilitator and mediator for projects such as the National Veteran Network in the US and Gaza2020 in the Gaza Strip.

My previous experiences are in access to finance through microfinance, US urban education policies and American political campaign management, specifically field organization.

Fun facts: I used to be a pre-professional classically trained pianist. I am an avid reader, kickboxer, and runner. Marathon PR: 3 hours 26 minutes; 3rd in age group at Beirut Marathon; 1st in Wadi Rum Mixed Relays. Also a huge music nerd, mostly indie, classical, bluegrass, and jazz.

A graduate of the University of Chicago, I am a proud American raised in the US, Italy, and China; refined in France; retooled in Kenya; polished in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey; and now based out of Berlin, Germany.